Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Want Candy!!!!!!

One of the drawbacks of having a long engagement is having more time to add things you dont really need. When we first started planning I wanted a candy buffet, but after discovering that it would cost several hundred dollars to have one that didnt look skimpy, we decided to go with a late night buffet instead. But during an episode of Four Weddings that I forced my fiance to watch, the guests were going crazy over the candy buffet and he decided that he really wanted one. Who am I to crush his dreams?

While doing my research, I have come across several elements that make a good candy buffet:
  • coordinate the candy with the colors of your wedding
  • use smaller containers with stems, that give the illusion of being tall but take less candy to fill
  • use more than candy, add cookies or other treats
  • check with your venue since some dont allow outside food for liability reasons
  • dont forget a nice background

So now the search is on for purple, silver, and black candy and some cute containers. Luckily my DOC has some containers and scoops for rent at a reasonable price and she sets everything up so we have no worries. We know its something we dont need, but I'm really happy we are going to do it.

Are you splurging on any fun items for your wedding?


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  2. I sometimes think a longer engagement would've been better to be able to save etc, but as you say it probably would've been counter-productive as I'd have seen more things I wanted.