Sunday, September 4, 2011

More stuff I Learned From Others Weddings

This year has been full of weddings for my fiance and I, and we still have at least one more to go. Even before we were engaged, after we attended a wedding we would point out what we would and would not do. So here is a few things we learned from the last two weddings we went to:
  • Fake flower petals look fake. We originally planned on using silk petals for the aisle and for the petal toss. They are inexpensive, we can get the exact color we want, and nobody will notice the ones on the aisle are fake.....wrong. We noticed and it really detracted from the decor. So we decided real was the way to go for us, even though its going cost a lot more.
  • Really long weddings suck. We all like solos and reading, but they get repetitive after a while. And 2 or more hours is way too long to hold peoples attention. At the last wedding several people made us promise our ceremony would not be so long. An hour, tops, is reasonable.
  • Dont start late. Again, both these weddings started at least an hour late. That is super annoying to someone like me who likes to show up early to events. We are starting on time even if all the guests are not there.
  • You can have great decor on a budget. I really liked the reception decor at both weddings even though i knew both couples had modest budget. They both had rather large ccenterpieces that really added to the space.
  • Bands can be awesome. Both weddings had a live band (the same band) and it really created a nice ambieance. I would not do one for the entire night, but they are great for dinner and cocktail hour.
  • Have someone with a list of tables. At the last one we could not find our escort card. Luckily the coordinator was walking around with a list so she could tell us where to sit. My FSIL grabbed our card for us, but we could not find her at the time. This lead to out decision to do a chart instead of cards.
  • If people eat too much at the cocktail hour they wont eat a lot at dinner. This has been true at almost all of the NY weddings I have been too. At the last wedding the dinner was pretty good but i could not finish since i was still full from cocktail hour. And they had fruit and salad served before the entree and only a few people actually touched it. What a waste. My fiance refuses to serve a lot a food at our cocktail hour for this very reason. So far we are thinking of only offering fruit and veggies since there will be dinner and a late night buffet.
  • Serve dinner while the speeches are being given. At the last wedding, I was not really hungry for dinner, but some people at my table were. And it felt like we had to wait forever for the speeches to end to be served.
  • And lastly, make sure your venue is committed to service. The last wedding reception was at a very pretty venue but the service was terrible. In their defense the reception started over an hour late and there was another event right after, but the staff still should have been professional. As soon as my fiance and i arrived we heard a few complaining about the late start and how they had to hurry for the next event. During the cocktail hour if we sat our plate or drink down on the table for a second, someone was comming to take it away. At dinner my FSIL bent down to fix her shoe and when she looked up her plate was gone! I understand the need to move things along but at least ask if the person is done. They all seemed very unhappy to be there and it really brought down the experience for us.
Thats all I have for now. Have you been to any weddings lately? What have you learned?


  1. I'm all about the less is more at the cocktail hour but every now and then I panic that people will think there's no food if we don't have a giant pasta station or sushi bar. Sigh.

  2. You're right on about the flower petals. Everyone can tell a phoney fleur a mile off even if they are silk. You're right too about long services. My husband is a pastor so I've been to just about every kind of service you can imagine and here's my take: The shorter the better.

  3. A lot of this reminds me of our own wedding plans. I actually bought some fake petals for the table but hated how they looked when I set up a mock centerpiece at home. And DF and I are struggling with the cocktail hour - I want the antipasto display, he wants just fruit (at half the cost, too). After reading this now I'm leaning more towards the fruit.

  4. Good tips. My Mum arranged and paid for more food than we wanted for the evening and guess what, the majority of it got thrown away. And this upset me as I said it wasn't necessary.

  5. Great list. I agree with many if not all of those.

  6. This is an awesome post. I agree with every single thing you mentioned. I'm bookmarking this list to make sure I follow it :) ha!

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  7. great tips! We def. had too much food at cocktail hour (you're right about it totally being a NY thing) But there's nothing I can do about it now!