Friday, April 29, 2011

Everyone in white?

Today was the royal wedding, and like everyone else i could not wait to see what Kate wore. Kate was beautiful, though i was expecting more from her dress, but what kind of surprised me was that her MOH also wore white.

Photo from Yahoo

And i have to say that I loved it! I worked. The bridesmaid dress was beautiful and I dont think it took away from Kate's look in any way. It was very clean and modern and just perfect for the occasion.

However, if not done correctly I think the bride can be lost, such as in the photo below.

This bride really should have worn a dress style that was totally different from the style of the bridesmaid dresses. If it wasnt for the veil i would have a hard time telling which one was the bride.

What do you ladies think? Would you have your bridesmaids wear white?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boudoir Photography

Untitled, originally uploaded by Wave Hello Photography.

I have been researching wedding photographers and many of them offer boudoir photography. Though this type of photography is not exclusive to brides, many brides have found this to be the perfect gift for their husbands to be. The style can range anywhere from vintage pin up, like the spreads in Maxim, or even involve nudity or implied nudes. And lets be honest, wont your man love this way more than cufflinks?

Most of the examples I have seen have been very classy, but I guess you could go as far as you and the photographer are comfortable with. I don’t think I would do nudes, but maybe a Maxim-esque type of shoot. I kind of think it is empowering . And to me it would be worth the splurge to have this tangible proof of my hotness to look at when I'm too old to remember.

Have you done a boudoir shoot or would you consider doing one?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things I Did Not Think About When Making my Wedding Budget

Budget Pig, originally uploaded by weddingssc1.
In a previous post I talked about how we had to take a realistic look at our budget and add in things like the cost of our wedding bands and the honeymoon, among other things, and discovered that we were going to be spending way more than we originally anticipated. From there I made a super detailed budget, which turned out to be not detailed enough since there were still several things I forgot to add.

From the start I should have looked online at budgets and I would have had a clearer picture of what to include. Once I did that I was on the right track. The Knot has a pretty good budget template but I really like the one on Google Docs (the style me pretty wedding planning template). I also got a ton of great advice things brides forgot to add to their budget from the ladies at Weddingbee on this post.

So here are a few of the more common things that brides tend to forget:

Service fee- Most of the venues we looked required this service fee which was 18-20% of the total catering cost. That’s a huge fee! I understand that the service staff works hard and should receive a gratuity but I'm not a fan of a mandatory fee, I think gratuity should be paid based on service I receive. Lucky for us, this fee is included in our per person cost, so I did not need to add it to our budget.

Tax- I did forget to add tax. When purchasing anything else, tax is pretty negligible to me, but when you are spending thousands on catering, the tax can add up and you have to take that into consideration.

Vendor Meals- Many vendor contracts require that you provide them with a meal. This is reasonable since they could be working for 6 or more hours and should be fed. It should not be a huge deal if you are having a buffet, but with a sit down dinner, you may have to pay your caterer for their plate. I've heard that most venues will give vendors a simple meal a greater discount than the guests meals, but my venue charges the same rate as the guest meal minus bar. So we had to add this to our budget.

Postage- Another one I heard over and over was postage. Postage for invites, return envelopes for RSVP's (if you are doing them), save the dates, and thank you cards. It really adds up.

There were also a lot of other things like out of town guests bags, gift wrap for bridal party gifts, rehearsal dinner, wedding night accommodations, undergarments, and the costs to fly to the Midwest from NYC for the wedding.

After all of this I think we finally have a comprehensive wedding budget. This is really important to us because we really don’t want to spend a penny more than we have to, and the best way to stick to a budget is to know exactly how much you can spend.

What were the little things you forgot to add to your budget?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Google Docs....A Wedding Organization Dream Come True

I've heard great things about Google docs and I finally jumped on the bandwagon a couple weeks ago. And I am in love. They have a wedding planning template that has my guest list, budget, playlist and list of vendors I'm researching all in one place and I can access it on any computer and share it with VIP's. I still print it out and have hard copies in my trusty binder. There are still a few things I'm going to add down the line, but its still the most comprehensive template I've found thus far.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Winter Weddings and Why I think they are Awesome

ballroom1, originally uploaded by IronShotGunz.
I originally wanted to get married in January. Snow lightly falling outside, a roaring fireplace inside, a hot cocoa bar, hearty food and being surrounded by friends and family. It was going to be beautiful. And imagine the savings, every venue we considered offered a substantial discount for a January wedding and I'm sure most of the other vendors would have to. It made perfect sense, why wouldn’t we want to get married in January?

.........Oh....right..., we live in the Northeast and our wedding will be in the Midwest. Can you say snowstorm? Seeing that there were several gigantic snowstorms this winter, in both of those areas, I gave up on my dreams of a winter wedding. I had the most awesome winter wonderland theme too. Oh well. At least I can look at other peoples beautiful winter weddings :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Centerpiece Search: Feather Centerpieces

Feathered centerpieces, originally uploaded by After Hours Music.
We decided early on that non-floral centerpieces were the way to go for us. Flowers just really don’t go with out theme or our budget so we are trying to avoid them. One centerpiece I love are the huge ostrich feather centerpieces. They definitely make a statement.....but apparently not the right one. Mr. Modern thinks they are more fitting for a vintage theme. Plus they are pretty expensive. I guess the search continues....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Choosing a Theme

So now that we have a space we are working on our wedding theme. I think the most important thing to us is keeping it modern. We don’t want our wedding to look like it could have taken place in the 90's. We also want it to be formal and elegant, yet still fun. So we are going to have a plated dinner, and the dress will be black tie, but we are also going to have a super hot DJ and dancing will be a focal point for the majority of the evening. So I guess you would call our theme modern elegance.

Another important aspect is the colors. Its very important to me that everything ties together so one way to go about that is having a consistent color scheme. For us its going to be purple, platinum and black. Its modern, elegant, and great colors for the fall. Although I have to admit that no matter what time of year we got married I would probably have chosen those colors.

So why have a wedding theme? I don’t think you need one, but it does help you have a consistent vision and aids you in tying things together. Even while searching for a venue we kept asking each other "is this place modern?" or "is this place elegant enough?". Having a theme in mind really cut out a lot of places that, although beautiful, may not have fit our vision. Plus you are going to be asked 10,000 times "what type of wedding are you having?"

Does your wedding have a theme?

Monday, April 4, 2011

We have a Venue!!!!!

Yay!!! We decided on a venue. Although there were some really nice ones, when we walked into this one our jaws just dropped. It looked way better in person than it did online. The staff was super nice and they worked with our budget to give us exactly what we wanted. Plus we can have our ceremony in a seperate ballroom whooch was very important to me. I think my favorite part was the bar which had a waterfall flowing over one (of three) flatscreens behind it. And we can have a slideshow and/or a video playing on the screens througout the night. Awesome right?

The only negative is the venue is a 40 minute drive from my hometown, which my parents were kind of making a fuss about. We dont think its a huge deal though since over half our our guests will be travelling over 500 miles, so a 40 minute drive for the locals is not the end of the world. And once they see this place they will completely understand our decision.

Well, i guess now the real planning begins!