Sunday, May 22, 2011

Centerpiece Search: Floating Candles

Even though I loved the feather centerpieces I previously posted about, we decided it was not modern enough and way more than we wanted to spend. We wanted something simple, chic, elegant, and most importantly inexpensive. We would rather use the money in other areas of the  wedding.

So we settled on candles! We love candles and have them all over our apartment, so it makes sense that we would use them in our  wedding.  Plus they give the look we want at a price we love. We researched prices of supplies online and we can do something like this for about $350 including tax and shipping.  Plus, since we decided what we wanted so early in our planning, we can get the supplies  as we see them on sale so maybe it will end up cheaper.

Do you have any inexpensive centerpiece ideas?


  1. Good choice. I love candles. Very romantic. You could use free recycled glassware to save money on floating candle centerpieces by having all of your family and friends save all of their glass from drinks, pickles, tomato sauce, baby food, salsa, ... I got 7 lily vases for free on craigslist that I used for my candy buffet so keep an eye out! Or maybe your friends and family have enough glass vases between them that you can borrow.

    My centerpieces were supposed to be cheap, but they ended up adding up and being expensive.

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  3. Love this idea. Over here in Britain every good dinner party had floating candles, my Mum even became obsessed with them. People tend not to use them as much now but I think they're making a comeback and are perfect for weddings, they make for such a soft look. Good idea, you should be able to pick stuff up on sale.