Thursday, July 28, 2011

Decorating our Ceremony


As you may already know, our centerpieces are going to be floating candles. We are obsessed with them and have them throughout our apartment. So naturally this was a décor element we wanted to incorporate into the ceremony space.  We were not sure if our venue would let us do it at first, but they said as long as the flames are enclosed (as in a vase), it would be ok.

I did have a few concerns about fire, but after talking to FI, I think everything will work out. The aisle is very wide  so I don’t have to worry about my dress or the bridal party getting too close to the flames. Plus they will be floating candles and the water levels will be well below the rim of the vase so the flames will be covered.

 I have this crazy seating plan in my head where the guests will be facing the aisle, kind of like a runway at a fashion show. So one of my concerns was the guests potentially kicking them over. It will be adults only, and we will make sure there is enough space between the first row of seats and the aisle for guest to comfortably maneuver without bothering the candles. Should I be worried about this?


I also thought about spreading the candles apart, since less candles could mean less chance for accidents? As a last resort we could do more traditional seating, but I don’t really want to do that. And I don’t want to get rid of the candles because we are doing very little decoration in the space and the candles make a large impact. We talked about flameless candles but they are pretty expensive,  and we would have the floating candles anyway for the centerpieces.

Is this a crazy idea? How would you decorate my ceremony space ?


  1. I think people will be careful around the candles!

  2. I LOVE the idea of the fashion show style seating. Mind if I steal it?

    Anyway. I think the candles would be just fine. Especially since you said the water levels would be low.

    Another option is some submersible battery-operated LED lights. They sell them at Michael's and I think they're about $1 a piece. (Though I could be wrong.) Two big pluses about them:

    1. They won't catch anything on fire.
    2. They come in a bunch of different colors.

  3. @ Shannon- I dont mind if you steal it lol. I considered the LED lights, but we really love the look of flating candles. I think we are going to go for it, im sure people will be careful around them :)