Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Soon is too Soon to Send Save the Dates?

We went to a vow renewal today, and everyone was asking for details of the wedding, such as the date and location, so they can save for the trip. Many of our guests are flying in from NYC,  a couple from Canada,  at least one from Haiti, a few from other states, and the rest will be driving 45 minutes from Ohio. So I guess it makes sense that people want the travel info now, especially in this economy, since many will have to save for the trip. We planned on doing e-save the dates but vista print gave us 100 free postcards so of course we had to order them!

FI wants to send the save the dates as early as possible but I think we should at least wait until November, one year from the wedding. Is that too early?


  1. I sent mine out 6 months before the wedding. It all depends on your guests and how much time you think they really need. I know a lot of brides who've sent STDs out one year before their destination wedding. One year out seems reasonable.

  2. We sent ours a year in advance (September). In hindsight, I wish we had waited until after the holidays because I think they got forgotten in all the Christmas cards and whatnot.

  3. I'm getting married next October and I wanted to send them out this past April. Lol. I think that was a little early. I'm now going to wait until December. I think 10 months is good.

    My cousin sent theirs out a year in a half in advance. If you're ready, I say go for it. Just make sure they go only to people you know for sure will be on the list come invite time.

  4. I say anything a year or under is you can send them out in october/November!