Saturday, April 9, 2011

Centerpiece Search: Feather Centerpieces

Feathered centerpieces, originally uploaded by After Hours Music.
We decided early on that non-floral centerpieces were the way to go for us. Flowers just really don’t go with out theme or our budget so we are trying to avoid them. One centerpiece I love are the huge ostrich feather centerpieces. They definitely make a statement.....but apparently not the right one. Mr. Modern thinks they are more fitting for a vintage theme. Plus they are pretty expensive. I guess the search continues....


  1. They are gorgeous, but I agree, they are a bit vintage-y. I can see them for like, a 1920's themed wedding.

  2. If you have your heart set on ostrich feathers I can dig up a wholesale contact for you :)

    1. HI i was wondering where i would get these I would love them for my wedding

  3. that's awesome, they'll make such a great statement at your wedding!