Monday, April 4, 2011

We have a Venue!!!!!

Yay!!! We decided on a venue. Although there were some really nice ones, when we walked into this one our jaws just dropped. It looked way better in person than it did online. The staff was super nice and they worked with our budget to give us exactly what we wanted. Plus we can have our ceremony in a seperate ballroom whooch was very important to me. I think my favorite part was the bar which had a waterfall flowing over one (of three) flatscreens behind it. And we can have a slideshow and/or a video playing on the screens througout the night. Awesome right?

The only negative is the venue is a 40 minute drive from my hometown, which my parents were kind of making a fuss about. We dont think its a huge deal though since over half our our guests will be travelling over 500 miles, so a 40 minute drive for the locals is not the end of the world. And once they see this place they will completely understand our decision.

Well, i guess now the real planning begins!


  1. Yay! So glad you choose that one! And I love the idea of having a slideshow playing all night - it gives them a chance to view it if they want, but they're not forced into it (I'm not excited about ours haha)

  2. congrats! that looks amazing!! When is your wedding date? I'd love to add you to my "blogging brides" page

  3. Our date is November 3, 2012. I wouldnt mind if you added me to your page :)