Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Winter Weddings and Why I think they are Awesome

ballroom1, originally uploaded by IronShotGunz.
I originally wanted to get married in January. Snow lightly falling outside, a roaring fireplace inside, a hot cocoa bar, hearty food and being surrounded by friends and family. It was going to be beautiful. And imagine the savings, every venue we considered offered a substantial discount for a January wedding and I'm sure most of the other vendors would have to. It made perfect sense, why wouldn’t we want to get married in January?

.........Oh....right..., we live in the Northeast and our wedding will be in the Midwest. Can you say snowstorm? Seeing that there were several gigantic snowstorms this winter, in both of those areas, I gave up on my dreams of a winter wedding. I had the most awesome winter wonderland theme too. Oh well. At least I can look at other peoples beautiful winter weddings :)

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