Friday, April 29, 2011

Everyone in white?

Today was the royal wedding, and like everyone else i could not wait to see what Kate wore. Kate was beautiful, though i was expecting more from her dress, but what kind of surprised me was that her MOH also wore white.

Photo from Yahoo

And i have to say that I loved it! I worked. The bridesmaid dress was beautiful and I dont think it took away from Kate's look in any way. It was very clean and modern and just perfect for the occasion.

However, if not done correctly I think the bride can be lost, such as in the photo below.

This bride really should have worn a dress style that was totally different from the style of the bridesmaid dresses. If it wasnt for the veil i would have a hard time telling which one was the bride.

What do you ladies think? Would you have your bridesmaids wear white?


  1. I think because of the occasion everyone knew that Kate was the bride and Pippa was not. But I think Pippa's dress could easily work as a bridal dress in a different occasion. And while the picture you posted is a little erie with the bride looking so much like the bridesmaids, you'd have to assume everyone there knows exactly who the bride is. So maybe in person it wasn't nearly as bad?

  2. I've heard it's popular in other countries to have the bridesmaids in white or a very pale color. But I agree that if that is the case then the bride's dress needs to have a little extra poof or lace or something bridish.

  3. I really like it. I wouldn't have done it, but I'd like a best friend too. You would have to be careful as I agree the bride could be lost.