Monday, March 14, 2011

Do You Always Wear Your Engagement Ring?

                                                                         My Bling!

So Mr. Modern and I were watching this show where the guy freaked out when his fiancé took off her ring to wash her hands. Is it normal to never take your ring off? I take mine off a lot more than I thought I would; to do my hair, when cleaning, when sleeping, and when I go to the gym. Even though its insured, I'm very scared of damaging or loosing it.  Mr. Modern doesn’t seem to mind though, he knows how much I love it. But is this the norm? When do you take yours off?


  1. I use to take mine off when I took a shower or if I was washing dishes. After the third time that I accidentally left it on the counter when I left for the day I decided I was better off wearing it all the time! :)

  2. I take it off every night, when I shower, when cleaning, and during my work outs. The trick for me is to put it in the exact same place every time.

  3. You were watching Being Human. Love that show