Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who Needs Fine China?

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We don’t. Mr. Modern and I have been living together for almost a year and we have pretty much everything we need. Well we don’t actually have fine china, but we also don’t have the need or the space for it. Nor do we need a bender, toaster, or most other household items on a traditional registry. What we will need after almost two years of wedding planning is a vacation. A great one. And that’s why we are going to do a honeymoon registry. Don’t worry, we will also do a small traditional registry for our guest who want to actually wrap a gift, but it wont be our primary registry.

Honeymoon registries are considered a faux pas by some since they consider it the same as asking for money. But is there really a difference between asking for a blender or asking for a romantic dinner on our honeymoon? Don’t get me wrong, we don’t expect our guest to give anything, but if they chose to we would rather have something we actually want, not something we would have to return. And, at least in our case our honeymoon would actually be prepaid before the wedding and any gifts would be for extras like massages and dinners.

There are several honeymoon registry's on the market but the one that stood out to me, and the one we would likely use, is Honeyfund. Unlike the others this one is free to you and to your guest. You create the website and input the items you want and then your guests choose what they want to purchase. They can either pay online by PayPal or print a certificate to give to you along with cash or a check. This way there are no fees and you get the gift right away. Other sites have your guest give payment to them and they may not release the funds until after the wedding, and there is usually a fee for you or your guests to use the service.

This is the perfect gift for us since we love to travel and we don’t need anything for our house. So would you do a wedding registry?

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  1. We have a traditional registry set up. We do have friends of ours who got married last year who did use Honeyfund, and they loved it! They originally planned on going to New York, but ended up going to Hawaii instead; the fund allowed them the flexibility they needed.